The Genesis Trophy


Stobarts / AR AestheticsBlue & White
1Angela Robb-1
2Katie Jenkinson1
3Lucy Taylor2
4Johnny Coddington4
CANIPink & Black
1Oli Conway-1
2Connor Kay-1
3Louise Jebson1
4Matias Amaya6
DBPCRed & Black
1Finn & Tegan Bristow-1
2Ella Cloake1
3Jamie Potter3
4Huw Beavan3
CSC PoloBlack & Green
1Luca Balsamo-1
2Mark Morison1
3Chris Davies2
4Hector Worsley2

Draw Saturday 19th November

GroundTimeTeamTeamUmpires2nd Umpire
Arena1300CANIvsCSC POLOJamie PotterHuw Beavan
Arena1430DBPCvsStobart / AR AestheticsMatias AmayaChris Daives

On Saturday evening we will be going to the Millstone Hare for dinner at 7.30pm. If you would like to attend please email by Thursday evening, spectator and public are welcome.

Draw Sunday 20th November

GroundTimeTeamTeamUmpire2nd Umpire
Arena1100DBPCvsCSC PoloJohnny CoddingtonMatias Amaya
Arena 1230 (FINAL)CANIvsStobart / AR AesthesticsHuw BeavanJamie Potter

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