Intergenerational Party, A Party For Everyone To Enjoy

Celebrating birthdays and achievements with a number of different generations does have its challenges, but it also offers a great opportunity to get all ages together, creating an interesting dynamic which will no doubt provide a night to remember. But make sure it’s remembered for the right things! Here are five top tips to ensure your intergenerational party is accommodating, stress-free and fun.

Intergenerational Party Ideas

  1. Theme
  2. Activities
  3. Music
  4. Food
  5. Drink
  6. Venue

Setting A Theme For An Intergenerational Party

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Everyone loves a themed do, but when your juggling young and old its important to pick a theme that everyone will recognise, understand and feel able to join in with. Too current and it may alienate the more mature guests; too old school and the youngsters might not have the foggiest. Consider timeless themes such as a colour or a country, neither of which rely on a certain date of birth or age range.

Intergenerational Party Activity Ideas

The best types of games and entertainment for mixed-age celebrations are ones which bring the generations together, and involve the young helping the old and vice-versa. Summer fête-type activities like hoopla and skittles are perfect for day-time dos, or for an evening soirée a ceilidh or barn dance might be just this thing to get everyone mingling on the dance floor.

Select The Right Music

An easy, yet easily overlooked, way to make everyone feel involved and welcome at a party is to play music which resonates with them, and puts them in a celebratory mood. Obviously with nine year olds and ninety year olds in the same room there is going to be some disparity. So mix things up a bit! It is much better to have a varied soundtrack which has something for everyone than a super-slick playlist which is aimed at only a small proportion of the crowd. A nice way to ensure everyone is catered for, and to add to the guests’ feelings of involvement, is to ask for one song suggestion with the RSVP – then no one can complain that there wasn’t something for them!

Intergenerational Party Game Twister

Twister fun for all the family at your Intergenerational Party

Food For All

If you are serving a sit-down meal it is easier to control who eats what, but if it’s more of a drinks-party-with-nibbles then you need to make sure you have appropriate options for all the ages invited. The children won’t want anything overly spicy or strong; the adults will be a bit miffed if it’s just cocktail sausages and a cheese and pineapple hedgehog. But instead of trying to cater for each and every palette, think about ways you can elevate child-friendly bites into cocktail party canapés by combining familiar ingredients with a touch of finesse. Tomato-topped bruschetta or mini quail egg tartlets look impressive and appetising, while still being kind to delicate-tastebuds.

Drinks That everyone can enjoy
Catering for an intergenerational party

Catering for all tastes is vital at a intergenerational party

No party is complete without access to a bar, and if you’re providing the booze yourself you need to consider the varying favourite tipples of the spectrum of generations. Cocktails and prosecco may be the in-drinks for twenty-somethings, but would a keg of real ale be a welcome addition to your offerings? A range of soft drinks, too, is essential for any kind of bash, with something fruity, something fizzy and plain old water often being more than enough choice.

Venue for your Intergenerational Party

At Dallas Burston we have various facilities available to make your intergenerational party be a success, get in touch today to find out more.