Who wears Argentine Polo belts?

On and off the pitch, everyone seems to be wearing the same eye-catching leather polo belts.  People of all ages and gender are sporting them – colourful, exquisitely stitched leather sporting a rainbow of colours and patterns that are unlike any other belts on the market.

You’ll see them sold at most polo tournaments and events, and even a lot of general equestrian sporting events and country fairs. They are referred to by most of the equestrian crowd as Argentine polo belts- or simply, polo belts. But there’s a lot more to them than people think.

What are Argentine Polo Belts

Their roots lie, as you may have guessed, in Argentina. Initially, they were stitched with team colours, so players could be identified during the early games of polo.

Today, they adorn the hips of Britain’s fashionable society in a way that takes their presence for granted, but makes their absence unnerving.  Its a fantastic way for players and spectators alike to show their love of of the sport, and the market has expanded with enthusiasm over recent years.

Argentine Polo Belts

Image from Gaucho Belts

It’s not just Argentine polo belts on offer these days

You can now get bridles, saddles, keychains and even dog collars, handmade in Argentina using luxury leather, and featuring the beautiful stitching that has is the product of unbridled South American passion for horses, and polo.

The possibilities with Argentine belts are truly limitless- beads, stitched patterns, thread and leather colours, even the thickness of the belt itself can be altered and adapted, so each belt really matches its owner.

Where can I get an Argentine polo belt?  Haven’t bought your own yet? Hurry!

For authentic, handmade leather belts in a range of beautiful colours, look at:

Argentine polo belts are frequently worn by Polo loving William His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, and his brother Prince Harry.  Next time you see a photo of either in casual dress, take a look at what belts they are wearing!