Picnics for events this summer

Picnics for events at Dallas Burston Polo Club, people enjoying a picnic

Picnics for events at Dallas Burston Polo Club

With the British weather reaching sweltering heights this summer there are even more excuses to get your family out and enjoy an outdoor event with a picnic and some well-needed fun in the sun. And what better way to experience the great outdoors than to pack a picnic and munch on lunch while soaking up the rays. To help you plan your next picnic for your event, and to avoid any unnecessary mishaps, here are our top tips for packing the perfect picnic.

Picnic Equipmnt

If you haven’t got one already, invest in a good picnic basket and you will be set for sunny Sunday’s for years to come. Go for something sturdy and strong, but nothing that will leave you feeling like you’ve spent the weekend lifting weights at the gym. (You can take a bat and ball for some exercise-related fun instead!)

Next most important item is something to sit on. Whether it’s a traditional, tartan picnic blanket or some whizzy fold-away chairs, ensure you’re equipped with something lightweight and portable on which to perch. You can also check availability on our seating areas at any of our events, which will save carrying any extra baggage.

Luxury picnics for events, Aston Martin

Aston Martin Picnic Hamper

Ice packs are essential – especially in this weather – for keeping your food (and drink) cool and fresh. Our best advice is to keep a couple in the freezer throughout the year, so you’re ready to go whenever the picnic-weather arrives.

Keeping Your Food Fresh For Your Picnic

For the food itself you’re best option for storage is liquid- and air-tight tupperware; while keeping the food fresh for hours, it’ll also mean that you won’t be left with hundreds of packets and tons of plastic to dispose of once the food has been eaten. (The less clingfilm the better, hey?)

If you’re taking food which requires cutlery then don’t forget to bring the appropriate utensils! Nobody wants to end up with a leafy green salad and spoons, or a cool refreshing yoghurt and nothing but knives and forks. If you don’t want to take you’re best set to the park, opt for some good quality plastic or wooden pieces that can be washed and re-used, ready for next time!

What Food To Take

In terms of which dishes to pack, finger foods are great (just make sure you have plenty of napkins). Items that travel well such as mini pork pies, scotch eggs, falafel balls and cooked prawns are great for shoving in a tupperware and tucking into straight from the box.

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Whatever food you go for in your picnic, make it interesting yet simple

A jar of humous with vegetable crudités for dipping is a great one for all the family, and will add some much-needed greens (and oranges and reds) to your spread. Pre-chop some cucumber, carrots and red pepper before you leave, then simply open the humous once you’re there.

Chunky salads can also be a nice, healthy addition to any picnic basket, just remember to keep any dressings or delicate toppings stored separately for the journey, and then combine when you’re ready to eat. Preventing the curse of the wilted mixed leaves, it also allows those who prefer their’s sans-dressing to be catered for too.

The alternative to all this…

But if this all sounds like too much work on a hot summer’s day… simply pre-order your picnic direct from Dallas Burston Polo Club and await a mouth-watering feast!