The St Moritz Snow Polo 2018 – Round Up

If you missed the St Moritz Snow Polo 2018 this year, don’t worry we have a round up here of what happened over the 3 day event.

St Moritz snow polo players in action

World Cup In Action

The 2018 Tournament saw 4 teams in the running-

Team Cartier: Rommy Gianni, Juan Cruz Greguoli, Dariio Musso and Chris Hyde

Team Azerbaijan Land of Fire: Rahad Hasanov, Elchin Jamalli, Lala Laplacette and Adrian Laplacette Jr.  In reserve were Ali Rzayex, Amil Namazov and Tarian Gurbanaliyev

Team Badrutt’s Palace Hotel: Melissa Ganzi, Alejandro Novillo Astrada, Juan Bollini, Tito Gaudenzi.

Team Maserati: Ahanna Bandurko / Raya Sidorenko, Gerado Mazzini, Hissam al Hyder and Robert Strom.

The 3 Day Round Up

The teams played 3 days of fierce competition, with Team Cartier and Team Maserati both getting wins on the first day.  On day 2 Team Cartier and Team Maserati had a close match with Team Cartier getting the win 3.5-2.  Team Azerbaijan Land Of Fire had an excellent result against Team Badrutt’s Palace Hotel winning the match 9-4.

st moritz Snow Polo World Cup Winners

Team Cartier

On the final day Team Azerbaijan Land Of Fire once again beat Team Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, then all were focused on which team would lift ‘The Cartier Trophy’, and become St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup Winners of  2018.

The Cartier Trophy

Anticipation grew as Team Cartier and Team Maserati face the final match, crowds were not disappointed by the excitement to follow.  The final result went in favour of Team Cartier, who once again takes the title Snow Polo World Champions.

If you Missed The Excitement….

Snow Polo World Cup

Stunning Location

Why not plan your own visit to the Snow Polo World Cup, spectators gather from all corners of the globe to watch this thrilling sport, and to enjoy the sumptuous snow glamour.  It’s not just the Polo which draws you in; the location of St Moritz is simply stunning. Imagine if you will, a frozen lake in the magnificent Engadin valley, snow speckled and glistening in the sunshine, it really is enchanting.

For more information on the St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup take a look at the dedicated website here.

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