How To Dress For The Polo Season, Here Are Our Fashion Tips For You

Racing, showing, polo; the world of competitive equitation has always been a fashionable one. Whether you are a rider, a spectator, even a mount, the Sports of Kings is an important part of British tradition, and history.

Fashion tips for ladies day

Ladies Day

Knowing how to dress for the playing season can be challenging; in general, etiquette is a lot more relaxed than, say, dressing for Ascot, but the rules differ with every venue and occasion. The expectations for a local polo match, for example, are a lot less than the feature high-goal tournament of the season.

In every case, however, classy attire is still expected, and there are more rules than you might think. Here are Dallas Burston’s fashion-forward tips for getting it right.

For Local Polo Matches: Our Fashion Tips, Keep It Casual, But Smart

Whatever the weather, rely on a pair of statement sunglasses.

Gents: Opt for a pair of smart, well-cut jeans or chinos to complement the casual, friendly atmosphere of a local match. White is the signature colour of a polo player, and a very popular choice. Likewise, you can show your support for polo with a classic Argentine polo belt , but any quality leather belt will suffice. Suede brogues or boots are popular choices; boat shoes and loafers are too, but slightly more casual. A lightweight wax jacket is a stylish back-up plan for the unreliable British weather.

Argentine Polo Belts a great fashion tip for polo

Image from Gaucho Belts

Ladies: For a small match, there’s no pressure to dress like you’re going to the races. Straight cut jeans, a fitted shirt and a casual blazer make for a fetching outfit, combined with smart loafers or driving shoes. If the weather is a little questionable, you can opt for more reliable long, brown leather boots. Stay away from stiletto heels when you can- divot-stomping is a wonderful and social part of every polo match, and long heels would make negotiating churned grass very difficult!

The Big Matches: Think Dapper-Chic

Here is where it gets daunting. International high-goal polo Cups are extravagant affairs; everywhere you look, there will be prestigious stars, on and off the pitch, and it’s possible the Royal Family will be attending. Don’t panic, though; there’s no such thing as a fascinator for polo, so ladies don’t have to worry about finding a “regulation-approved” hat for the occasion. Stylish straw hats or wide brimmed hats are perfect. Panama hats are a great accessory for men, and whilst ties and pocket squares are not necessary, a casual matte-textured tie or a colourful pocket square could add a nice touch. Ladies should opt for well-designed, well-fitted dresses or jumpsuits. Our fashion tips on shoes should still be flat, but wedges can be used if you’re really craving a bit of extra height and grace.

top fashion tip for polo wedged heels

Wedged heels for Ladies

For large, or small-scale polo matches, the key word is elegance. Aim to turn heads with a look that is as eye-catching as it is effortless. Polo is mainly played during spring and summer, so value light fabrics, full length dresses, jumpsuits, separates and shirts (for a very casual daytime match) and comfortable flat shoes. Smart-casual blazers for either gender make a wonderful addition to an outfit.

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