Why Autumn Weddings are as Tempting as Ever

Deciding on which season to have your wedding day can be a tricky task. A sun-kissed summer soiree seems so apt and idyllic; a snow-capped winter wonderland so romantic and magical… but don’t forget about the two transitional seasons when setting your big day. While plucking our woolly jumpers from the back of the wardrobe and taking our first steps into the rouge-tinted, leave-lined streets of autumn, we are considering the merits of an autumnal ceremony, and perhaps why it might be our favourite season of all.

Autumn Wedding Home Or away?

Autumn Weddings Stunning colours

Autumn provides stunning colours

Everyone wants their big day to be special, memorable, a picture-perfect occasion. And that’s why so many are drawn to the height of summer or the depths of winter. A day of postcard sunshine or Christmas movie snow is no doubt the perfect matrimonial backdrop, but unless you are jetting off to five star accommodation in the Maldives or lovely little retreat in the countryside of Finland, you cannot be sure that your once-in-a-lifetime day will achieve its once-in-a-lifetime weather forecast. If you’re staying put in good old Blighty you’ve got to come to terms with the fact that English weather can be anything but predictable, making a weather-dependent day rather nerve wracking for all of those involved.

Stunning Autumn Colours

Which is where autumn comes in. With no extreme expectations comes a less stressful, more malleable season to work with. Autumn evenings can be wonderfully mild, even a little sunny, and with the careful positioning of chimeneas and fire pits you can transform a slightly nippy garden into a glowing and cosy slice of paradise, which

Autumn wedding bouquets

Autumn wedding bouquets

your guests may well have not been inspecting. And if it does rain? No problem! You can always bring the outdoors in with the use of trees, branches and leaves to decorate the room, with twinkling fairy lights to give an added sparkle and the sense of warming flames.

On top of the wonders of the season itself, there is also the matter of timing, and autumn can be an ideal time to avoid diary clashes. The summer holidays are already over and the Christmas parties are yet to begin – it’s quite possibly your best bet for ensuring a full turnout and sharing your special day with all of those nearest and dearest to you.

Seasonal Autumn Theme

Autumn wedding decorations

Autumn wedding decorations

And then come the details: the food, the flowers, the flavours.  Autumn looks, tastes and feels warm, loving, inviting – everything you could want for your wedding day. The food at this time of year tends to be comforting, bold and full of flavour. Think spiced squash soups and succulent, juicy roasts. For dessert anything oozy, melty or gooey will always be a hit. A silky chocolate bomb melted with hot salted caramel sauce to reveal a deep and glossy raspberry filling could be the perfect conclusion to your seasonal feast, and a fancy addition to the list of unforgettable moments.

So before setting your sights on one of the two seasonal extremes, take a moment to consider autumn, in all of its auburn glory, as the backdrop for your big day.  There is no better place in the Autumn than Dallas Burston Polo Club, so get in touch and let us make your wedding day an Autumn success.