How To Stick To A Budget Plan For Your Corporate Events

We’ve all, at one stage or another, experienced a lame training day that is basically just an awkward office experience, out of the office environment.  But, whilst corporate events can sometimes get a bad rep from the staff, for the event planners behind them they are always fun to plan. There’s nothing more exciting than hearing everyone’s imaginative ideas for fun activities, especially when they’re thinking outside the box. The creativity can, however, come to a grinding halt when the numbers start to add up, and the dream just doesn’t fit the budget.

Budget plan corporate events at Dallas Burston in the IXL Centre

IXL Centre at Dallas Burston Polo Club

Don’t give up too quickly, though – the IXL Centre at Dallas Burston Polo Club has managed corporate events that had budgets ranging from unlimited, to minimal.  It has a team of full-time events staff who specialise in finding ways to ensure dream days don’t die at the brainstorming session.  Keep these easy tips for running a successful event in mind when planning, to save yourself some money, and avoid disappointment.

Know The Budget For Your Corporate Events

Firstly, It’s surprising how many people fail to understand their means before they make plans. Ensure you’ve allocated funding for all the things necessary to make your corporate event successful.  This includes your venue and decorations, as well as keeping your guests entertained- and fed- whilst they are at your event.

With 600 acres of indoor and outdoor space, as well as exclusive catering and entertainment providers, Dallas Burston is the ideal choice of venue for your next event.  Their team of events organisers are as involved as you need them to be, and will be there from the first email right up o the big night itself, ready to offer professional advice and keep you firmly on-plan, and on-budget.

Be Realistic About Your Corporate Event’s Budget Plan, Champagne taste on a beer budget?

Try to be realistic when it comes to planning your event – but not too much- keep dreaming!  Dallas Burston believes in positive active planning, and offers all-inclusive package that will take care of every last detail- so you’re face with one neat figure, without having to worry about sneaky surprises later on down the road.  And, linking to this…

catering corporate events in style

Catering corporate events in style

Be Open-Minded When Planning Your Corporate Event

Limited funds doesn’t have to mean an immediate block on your ideas – you simply need to try a little harder to find a way round them.  Have fun getting creative- keep the dates flexible, so you have more options should your initial date prove too expensive, and keep your planned activities flexible, too.  If you discover you can’t afford luxury falconry experiences, or multiple expensive activities for staff training, Dallas Burston’s exclusive entertainment provider, Bright Vision Events offers countless alternatives that could prove cheaper, but no less successful in your aims for the day.

Likewise, the Club has a range of venues to hire, to suit events of every size and shape.  There’s no ‘one size fits all’ ethic, so you can adapt your location to suit the number of guests, and the available funds.

Corporate Event Venue Choices At Dallas Burston Polo Club – to suit all budget plans!

For small-scale meetings, focus groups and training days, we offer meeting space for up to 12 guests.  Get your staff out of the office and boost productivity by bringing them to our beautiful grounds for the day.  Conference rooms can be provided with amenities including flipboards, whiteboards, markers and projectors, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything with you.  You can also choice between full catering services or simple light refreshments to suit your funding plan, or host a casual lunchtime meeting at our onsite bar and lounge, the Millstone Hare, which serves delicious, wholesome food throughout the day.

budget plan corporate events at Dallas Burston Polo Club

Millstone Hare an ideal venue

Larger-scale venues are available for conferences, company celebrations and product launches.  The IXL Centre lies at the heart of the Club grounds, and offers 16 events spaces designed to cater for 6, to 3,000 people- all set against the stunning background of rural Warwickshire, and the six professional-grade pole pitches.

Dallas Burston Polo Club can cater for all event budgets

Every business event, large or small, that invests in our services receives the same premium experience – an incredible venue and top-class entertainment, delicious food from our award-winning caters, alongside the professional help of our team of expert events organisers.  All our professional staff are dedicated to helping you make your next corporate event truly unforgettable.

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