The benefits of catering corporate events by professionals

Any corporate event, whether it’s a large-scale product launch or intimate company celebration, needs to be enjoyable for your guests.  Meticulous planning and a great choice of venue are key for its success, and will help you- and your staff- take full advantage of the networking, training and collaboration opportunities that arise as a result.

catering corporate events in style

Catering corporate events in style

It’s important to consider every faction of the day – and this includes providing excellent catering services. Well-fed guests are happier ones, after all!  Whilst not every corporate event requires a sit-down dinner, most need some degree of refreshments.  It makes your event seem more professional, and more attuned to the needs of your guests, helping them to feel welcome, and encouraging them to relax and engage with all the opportunities your event has to offer.

Whilst providing your own catering may reduce costs in the short-term, there are many benefits to opting in to the catering services provided by your chosen venue.  Here are few things you should consider.

The Ability to Cater for Large Groups

You can quite probably look after a small focus group or meeting with ease, but providing a refreshment service that is ample, punctual and consistently good quality for large-scale groups is a time-consuming stress you could do without.  Dallas Burston Polo Club has the venue capacity for up to 3,000 guests, and an award-winning catering service that has years of experiencing providing excellent food for hungry guests.

catering corporate events with delicious food

Delicious food for your guests

The Club has 16 spaces available to hire, so you’ll have no trouble finding the event space to accommodate your event.  You can cater for guests theatre-style, or banquet-style, as well as offer light refreshment services.  If you need more flexibility, hire out spaces in the onsite bar and lounge, the Millstone Hare, and let guests to choose their own drinks and meals whilst they gaze out across the stunning polo grounds.

Reduce Stress, and Overall Costs Whilst trying to organise the food yourself may seem like the cheaper alternative, unless you are highly experienced, the bills really will start to stack up – and so will the stress.  Professional catering services are well versed in the mechanics of getting food out on time, and hot, to large groups of people, giving you peace of mind that your event will run smoothly and allowing you to relax on the big night.  Handling it yourself also brings the additional responsibility (and cost) of securing the relevant permits and licenses.

Dallas Burston Polo Club catering corporate events

Professional Catering at Dallas Burston Polo Club

Allowing a catering service provider to handle your food requirements reduces the risk of cross-contamination, undercooked food, and other health concerns that could damage the reputation of your event.  Furthermore, most services will respond to any specific dietary requirements at no extra charge – meaning you won’t find yourself desperately hunting for tasty gluten-free, dairy-free options at your own expense.

Catering corporate events with classic, quality food

Most catering services build their menus around classic recipes that most people enjoy, so going with their advice will likely mean your guests can always find something they like.  This translates into a positive experience of your event, one that your guests are likely to remember.

Catering corporate events at Dallas Burston Polo Club

Catering staff at Dallas Burston Polo Club

Dallas Burston’s exclusive catering service, Sanjay Foods, is an award-winning catering service that specialises in exquisite Asian food, offering an impressive array of cuisines including North Indian, South Indian, Thai, Indo-Chinese, and Lebanese, as well as regional variations such as Punjabi and Gurjuati.  With a formidable 25 years experience in catering, and a host of awards (including Best Caterer in the Midlands ,at the British Asian Wedding Awards in 2015, and the Regional Caterer of the Year at the Asian Business Awards 2016) they make a reliable and appealing choice for your next corporate event.

Catering for your corporate event

If you are thinking of choosing Dallas Burston Polo Club as your next venue for your event (and you should) then think about why you did – it’s likely because they offer premium hospitality, and feature a team of events coordinators that go above and beyond when helping to plan your event.

With this kind of quality, you can be sure that the catering services available also carry a certificate of excellence.  Contact our experienced team today to discuss your requirements Tel: 01926811111