Organising The Ultimate Stag Do

If you’re lucky, you get one stag do during a lifetime. Make sure it’s legendary!

Planning a stag do as the Best Man can be a daunting concept- not only do you need to give the groom-to-be a truly memorable experience you’ll also be Manly Mother Hen to all of the stags in your party (possibly the hardest part of the job).  But don’t despair, intrepid party-planner, Dallas Burston is here to help with everything from venue, to activities, to sustenance for hungry stags.

Stag do venue Dallas Burston Polo Club

Stag do – tug of war

1. Even Stag Do’s need to -Get Organised

Think about that rush of stomach-clenching terror, upon realising that your partner will be home from work in five minutes, and you’ve completed forgotten (read: procrastinated in your pants) to do any of the chores she gave you that morning.  Multiply that feeling by a thousand, and that’s what you’ll feel if you leave planning until the very last moment.  To get the best activities, at the best prices, organise things in advance.

2. Timing

Set a date early, to ensure full squad attendance, and also to ensure that the groom-to-be has time to recover after his weekend of “polite, civilised celebration” before having to go back to work.

3. Location for the Stag Do

This is a biggie.  What you plan on doing for the special day (or glorious weekend) will determine the location of said Ceremonial Farewell of a Single Brother. It must be a place accessible to all far-travelling Stag Do pilgrims.  If your plans include outdoor activities, choose a place with ample space, perhaps with indoor space available as a contingency plan for the …. reliably unreliable… British weather.

stag do inside venues at Dallas Burston

Plenty of inside venues for stag entertainment

Thankfully, Dallas Burston Polo Club has a whopping 600-acres of outdoor space.  Large open spaces are perfect for shooting games, helicopter rides, tethered hot air balloons and so on, whilst the tarmac roads are perfect for test-driving a flash new car.  There is also a function room available in the Club’s bar and lounge, The Millstone Hare, which can accommodate even the largest stag party. Why not spend a day being (moderately) civilised, in the exclusive Drawing Room, with a bar and Nexo sound system at your disposal? Terrace access over the SuperArena and Yellow Polo Ground offers spectacular views for watching matches, provided your party weekend lines up with the tournament schedule.

We offer a shuttle service for up to 8 guests within a 5-mile radius of Dallas Burston Polo Club. For more information on room hire at The Hare, please call 01926 830 255 or email

4. Activities for your Stag Do

Ah, the most exciting part of any stag party! You may already have a host of activities in mind, but if you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are few Dallas Burston offer;

stag do catering

Stag refreshment

  • Classic and Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Archery Cannons
  • Mortars Segway Racing
  • Hovercrafts
  • Blindfold Driving
  • Powerturn 411
  • Off-road Drift Karts
  • Giant Scalextric
  • F1 Simulator
  • Space for Helicopter Rental
  • Tethered Hot Air Balloons
  • Polo Experience Days
  • Room hire for casino nights
  • Champagne/spirit masterclasses

To list a few, pick one, or combine several as part of an action-packed, no-holes-barred weekend with your favourite gentlemen, ensuring that your groom-to-be begins married life with style!