Here’s How To Get The Best From Your Next Team-Building Event

The term “team-building” has gained a lot of traction over recent years, and means a lot of different things to different people. To some, it has a bad rep, from cliche events (awkward company picnic, anyone?) run by a disorganised supervisor. The end result can be damaging, rather than beneficial; staff may leave feeling LESS motivated, rather than having a newly fired enthusiasm for their work. However, despite its “lame” stereotype, you should not give up on team-building exercises; they are, without a doubt, one of the most important investments you can make for your staff- and by proxy, your business.

Twister Fun on a team Building day

Twister fun on a team building day

Effective team-building days promote good working relationships – building trust and mitigating conflict- as well as encouraging strong integration within your company. Connected departments and better defined working roles create a stronger, more communicative working environment. This kind of environment is a happier one; and a happier one means a better, more efficient workforce. Ideal, right?

With these simple tips, you can ensure that, whatever your corporate development event, it is guaranteed to produce positive results.

Team building event tip one

Before diving straight in, outline your goals for the team-building event.  On a basic level, corporate development days aim to improve efficiency and productivity of its staff members. Boosting morale? Ask your team what they would LIKE to do.  The responses will be varied, but it’s a starting point; staff are more likely to engage and learn from an activity that represents their definition of fun.

For sporty types, try a giant scaletrix or F1 simulator. For problem-solvers, try lawn games instead. Offer prizes to introduce light competition.  Alternatively, is there anything better than watching a polo match, with a few drinks to keep cool during the gorgeous summer day, followed by a delicious lunch at the Club’s restaurant, The Millstone Hare?

Outside games on a sunny team building day

Outside games on a sunny team building day

If you’re combating a particular problem, invite staff to discuss their own concerns about the team, confidentially. This may highlight tension in working relationships, or the need for further training or core skill refreshment. Any of these, and more, can be tackled with a tailored event.

Our next tip is keep team building events enjoyable

Don’t force the corporate side The key to an enjoyable, memorable (and therefore, successful) team-building events, is to make your staff forget they are at work.  Team-building exercises allow relationships to develop and improve organically- something you won’t achieve if the leadership lessons or practical takeaways are too obvious.

Take them out of the office physically AND emotionally, with a fun activity in a fresh environment. From laser clay shooting to giant lawn games, Dallas Burston Polo Club has a range of activities designed for staff members to enjoy spending time together, without the pressures of department or seniority.

Communication between management and staff will improve automatically, as well as empathy and enthusiasm, as they share a new experience together. Simple, but effective!

Be original with your team building activities

team building games at Dallas Burston

Scoring points in alternative basketball

Pick a fun, original activity Choosing activities and tasks for your corporate development day need not be limited to picnics or brainstorming lunches. Take some risks. Try and pick and activity that is innovative and a little outside the box, but still aids your business in some way.

Perhaps some team members afraid of horses, but want to tackle this fear. Have your team spend a day learning how to play polo with one of Dallas Burston’s experienced tutors- not only will they conquer their fear, they’ll be a total convert! Polo is a fantastic option, because it can be just as much of a challenge for seasoned equestrians and newbies alike. It also encourages competition, and requires strong communication and team-work from everyone.

Need a venue for your team building event?

Dallas Burston Polo Club is an an award-winning events venue, offering unparalleled and almost unlimited outdoor and indoor space to host your event.

team building refreshments

Team building refreshment time

Our exclusive provider, Bright Vision Events, has years of expertise and activities to suit teams of every size and demand.  It would be a pleasure to help host your next team-building event, at one of the most spectacular polo clubs in the UK. So, what are you waiting for? Tel: 01926811111