The Key Benefits of Corporate Family Fun Days

Corporate Family Days are becoming increasingly popular; they are the perfect way to recognise the value of your employees’ business and personal lives, as well as encouraging strong working relationships across rank and department.  Yet, the merits of these kind of events are often overlooked.

fun day activities

Outdoor activities

Whether your event has specific team-building objectives, or is simply for fun, or to mark a change or anniversary within the business, a Family Fun Day is a worthwhile investment for any company, large or small.

Whilst this kind of corporate event may not have training or educational sessions, and therefore no clear perks for your business, the benefits are many, and valuable.

Not only are you recognising achievement and establishing company ethos, Fun Days provide opportunity for socialising, celebrating and even fundraising for your company charity.

To Get The Most From Your Family Fun Day, Do your Homework.

Find out how many of your staff have children, and their ages, before booking entertainment.  Your activities must consider children AND wives and husbands.  Tailor the day to your personal staff, by learning their hobbies.  Health and safety considerations are most important – especially with young children attending.  Because of this, investing in a reliable family fun day provider, rather than attempting to co-ordinate the entire event yourself, is a worthwhile option.

Twister Fun on a fun day

Twister Fun on a family fun day

With activities to suit all ages, Dallas Burston is the perfect venue for a Corporate Family Fun day. The Club understands that your employees are not mere money-makers, and wants to help show them that you do too. Whether you have an event brief in mind, or want help planning as well as sourcing the entertainment, we can help.

Our entertainment provider, Bright Vision Events, offer unparalleled expertise that promises to make your event enjoyable, safe and memorable. With 600 acres of indoor and outdoor space at your disposal, the Club can cater for groups of 50 to 5,000, with a range of activities guaranteed to unleash the big kid in everyone!

Fun day entertainers

Magicians, musicians, strolling artists and more will keep the little ones engaged; giving the parents a little relief, and a chance to socialise with their co-workers.  As well as performers, you can also add face-painting, fun-fair stalls and giant inflatables to your planned day; everyone knows that a bouncy castle is simply irresistible to children, and “big kids” alike!

Participation activities are ideal on a Fun Day

Light competition is the easiest and most effective way to get people bonding. If your day has a strict plan, choose from a range of organised group challenges including “It’s A Knockout!”, Human Table Football or Tug o’ War.

fun day venue Dallas Burston Polo Club

Fun day tug o’ war

Alternatively, you can keep things spontaneous with individual activities, open to anyone who fancies it, such as Inflatable Sumo Wrestling, Surf Simulator, Laser Clay Shooting or even Welly Wanging!

Thanks to Dallas Burston’s ample outdoor space, it’s even possible to organise flights in a tethered hot air balloon- for some, that may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the stunning rural countryside of Warwickshire.

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