Have you been chosen as a Chief Bridesmaid?

The honour of chief bridesmaid, or maid-of-honour, is not bestowed lightly, and is a task that requires patience, organisation and a lotta, lotta love. But it’s also loadsa, loadsa fun. The parties… the planning… the prosecco… Taking on the role of chief bridesmaid can feel a daunting task, but with the following tips and advice under your belt you are sure to leave your best-friend bride-to-be bursting with pride (and knowing she made the right decision on you).

Here are the five main duties the chief bridesmaid traditionally undertakes, with handy dos and don’ts to keep you right on track.

  1. Hen Party
Chief bridesmaid Tip 1 -Hen Party Experience

Chief bridesmaid Tip 1 -Hen Party Experience

You want your best friend’s final do before the big day to be perfect, so first thing’s first: think about what she would really want for this occasion. If she goes red at the thought of a life-drawing class, perhaps booking a stripper is not the best idea. Perhaps she is horsey, if so take a look at our Polo Tuition for a completely different hen party experience. But if she loves nothing more than a budget boozey bender, book the next flights to Spain and get this thing on the road! Just remember to keep her likes and dislikes in mind before your imagination runs away with you.


  1. Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is a crucial decision for any bride-to-be, so having a supportive friend to help sift through the multitude of wedding dresses, and wedding dress shops, can be very reassuring. Just like the bride, you need to go in with an open mind, and when she asks what you think: be honest. And when she’s found the one? Don’t stop telling her that she looks thoroughly fabulous, and build her up to be the belle of the ball.

  1. Pre-Ceremony

On the morning of the ceremony the bride-to-be will be filled with a whole host of emotions, and she may get distracted from the basics of eating breakfast and staying hydrated. It’s your job to make sure she’s well fed and

Chief bridesmaid looking after the train

Chief Bridesmaid Tip 4

watered before setting off for the ceremony. A seemingly insignificant task but one that is often overlooked. She will thank you later when the champagne reception starts and it’s a good three hours until the wedding breakfast begins.

  1. Train

No, we don’t mean sorting out transport arrangements or performing a quick set of sit-ups before donning your

dress. If the wedding dress has a long train it often falls to the chief bridesmaid to give it a little sort-out once the bride has made her way down the aisle and before the ceremony commences. This can be a little nerve-racking, especially in front of the couple’s nearest and dearest. So have a little practice beforehand, and when the time comes perform it with confidence and ease, like you know you can. You’ve totally got this!

  1. Support

Throughout all of the preparations, the getting ready, the ceremony and the after-party, your most important job, above anything else, is to be a support to your best friend. Whether this is being a shoulder to cry on when things get stressful, giving her the pep talk she needs before walking down the aisle, or congratulating her on how utterly sublime she looks in the photos, she needs support throughout the journey, and you are there to give it to her.