The Royal Wedding Planner and Tips To Make Your Day Stress Free.

We are literally days away from Prince Harry marrying Megan Markle are you ready for the big day?  Here are a few pointers for planning your royal wedding day, along with some interesting facts.

Who will be watching the Royal Wedding?

Its not just the UK that is building up and getting ready for the royal wedding, globally royal weddings are viewed.  Harry and Megan' Royal weddingAs technology improves,and more ways of watching events become available, so do the amount of people tuning in.  For the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding day is was estimated that globally 2 billion people switched on or logged on. 23 million of those where from America, with Megan Markle coming from America and already being a famous actress in her country, we definitely expect to see that number rise significantly.

Which title will be given?

There is a lot of speculation regarding the title which will be bestowed to the new royal couple,  many are predicting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  This particular title has been vacant since 1843 and follows on very nicely from Prince Harry’s brother the Duke of Cambridge.

How much will the Royal wedding cost?

In terms of a Royal wedding its coming in at a middle range, Charles and Diana’s wedding day cost an estimated £84 million in total, where as William and Kate’s almost low budget affair was just an estimated £20 million.  It is expected that Harry and Megan’s will cost in the region of £32 million.

Watching the Royal wedding

The wedding (in case you missed it) will take place on the 19th May 2018 and will be shown across the globe on various tv channels and internet sites.

If you are flying at the time of the wedding and feel rather pleased with yourself for happening to be flying at the same time of the wedding, bad news I’m afraid…… planes have been banned from flying over Windsor on the day of the wedding.Royal-wedding-route

Thinking of going to Windsor to watch in person?

If you have not planned and pre booked spaces for hotels and parking you are in trouble!  However if you are planning to go up for the day by train this will be much more doable.

Here are our tips:

  • Travel through the night in order to arrive in Windsor in the very early hours of Saturday, you will be greeted with people who have camped over night on the streets (normal behaviour for such a big event!)
  • There are 2 train stations: Windsor & Eton Central and Windsor & Eton Riverside both are geared up for the big day putting on extra carriages for the Saturday.
  • Position yourself at the Long Walk, this is where you can see Windsor castle and the procession will be passing by.
  • Another good vantage point is Kings Road, where you will also see the procession pass by.
  • Keep hydrated, we are expecting the weather to be good, make sure you take plenty of fluids, the council are also making free drinking water taps available around the procession route.
  • Avoid the rush, make the most of your day in Windsor rather than attempting to leave straight after the procession like the rest of the crowds.

Long walk great viewing point for royal wedding

Royal Wedding Party

If you do not fancy facing the crowds at Windsor, why not invite your family, and friends around for a Royal wedding party.  There will be plenty of coverage meaning you can enjoy the wedding in the comfort of you own home.

Make sure you get all you need early from the supermarket, and get the champagne on ice.  Sit back and relax its going to be a magical day!