Top Tips For Your First Corporate Event

If you’re new to them, your first corporate event can seem daunting, stressful, and a whole lotta work that is not going to help you get through your to do list. But a well-planned and well-executed event can reap hefty rewards that will give you reason to celebrate. Whether you are planning a team-building day for your employees, schmoozing your clients with an evening of entertainment or launching your latest product, get your event right and you will be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

Great venues for your first corporate event at Dallas Burston Polo Club

Corporate events at Dallas Burston Polo Club

To help you with the (perhaps ominous) task of planning your first ever corporate event, we have compiled three super simple top tips to aid the preparation, running and, ultimately, the lasting success of the function.

Clarify the purpose of your corporate event

What are you trying to achieve with this event? Do you want more customers / greater brand awareness / happier employees? There are a plethora of reasons to hold a corporate event, but first thing’s first: pinpoint exactly why you are creating the event. If the answer is muddled or hazy then a bit more work is needed on resolving this question. Once – and only once – this is clear in your mind you can get stuck into the fun part of making it all happen. And when things get underway? Don’t forget to keep the purpose of the event at the front of your mind to ensure you are always focusing on the task at hand.

Corporate events are hard work – Don’t attempt everything by yourself

Conference room showing stage ideal for your first corporate event

Conference venue, with stage and screen

No matter how highly you regard you creative, organisational, financial, promotional and stand-up comedial qualities, you are destined for failure (or a nervous breakdown) if you try to plan and execute the whole thing completely by yourself. It may well be that there should be one person overseeing it all – which may well be you – but do yourself a favour and utilise those around you to make a stand-out and stress-free affair. Delegate tasks to colleagues you can rely on, and look into using event organisers. Many venues offering room hire can also provide you with an in-house events team, or recommend suppliers which may be suitable.

Plan for the unexpected – Corporate events don’t always run like clock work

Table layout showing High end detail to make your first corporate event a success.

High end detail to make your corporate event a success.

Everyone dreams of hosting a fabulously flawless event which will be remembered for years to come (we are certainly no different). But open your eyes to the real world, darling. Mishaps do happen and things do go wrong. But if you’ve got back-up plans in place then no one need know a thing. Fear not, we don’t advise compiling comprehensive procedures for a tsunami / alien attack / instant-onset food poisoning, but do recommend a little careful damage limitation.  From speakers cancelling last minute to technical problems with the PowerPoint presentation, spending a little time identifying potential pitfalls and planning how you would deal with them will give you peace of mind if nothing goes wrong, and a suitable strategy if something does.

With these three top tips under your belt, you are ready to embark on your first corporate event. Good luck, have fun, and make it a great success!

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