Try Something Different In The New Year…… Polo

As Christmas and the New Year and everything that comes with them fade away into a twinkly, wine-infused haze, the stark and sober month of January comes painfully into focus. First on most people’s lists is sorting out that gym membership, an unloved task which brings with it more misery than buying gifts for your in-laws. But what if we told


Enjoy A New Sport – Polo

you that your January fitness kick didn’t have to be that way?

Pounding away on the treadmill night after night may be some people’s idea of fun (we don’t know who), but for those of you who can’t bear the thought of the gym why not start a new sport this year, to give your body a good workout while enjoying something completely different… Have you ever considered polo?

How To Begin Your New Sport Of Polo

While commonly known as the ‘sport of kings’, starting out in polo can be much more accessible – and less costly – than you might think, and can be the perfect way to get your body moving as 2019 gets underway. Whether you are looking for a bit of fun or serious competition, polo might be just the sport for you.

Tuition is offered at Dallas Burston from Polo Manager Huw Beavan, a polo player and coach with over thirteen years’ experience. Everyone is welcome to learn the sport, whether you have prior experience on a polo field or have never ridden a horse before! And you certainly don’t need to own a horse in order to play. The club has a number of school ponies available for lessons, which have been specially selected to accommodate a wide spectrum of ability.

Along with the normal tuition, half and full polo days are also available on request, great for full immersion in the


Enjoy Being Close To Polo Ponies

sport, and perfect as a fun day out with friends, family or colleagues. With the range of school ponies available groups of varying experience can learn and play together, giving you no excuse to not join in, even if it’s totally new to you.

Dallas Burston Polo Club – Polo All Year Round

Although polo is often associated with the summer, with snaps of sun-drenched outdoor polo matches often filling up our feeds during the summer months, the arena season, which runs from October to March, is actually the recommended time for those new to the sport to give it a go. With the arena enclosed there is less interference to distract you, and with a bigger ball you will pick it up all the quicker.

If you’re worried about the get-up needed – don’t be. At Dallas Burston Polo Club all that is required is a pair of jeans and boots with a small heel – the rest is taken care of!

To find out more or to book your first session contact Polo Manager Huw Beavan on 07739 531 009 or email.