Polo Pony Livery @ The Dallas Burston Polo Club

As well as hosting international polo tournaments and introducing players to the sport through polo lessons, Dallas Burston Polo Club also offers flexible polo pony livery packages for ponies all year round. With a choice of options including DIY, Part, Full and Winter Grazing, the individual needs of the polo ponies – and their owners – can be met effectively, with the horses happy and healthy and their owners confidence in the services provided.

Livery Facilities

Polo Pony Livery at Dallas Burston Polo Club - 2 ponies chilling

A total of twenty-one stables are available on the six-acre estate, housed within an airy American barn, with no restrictions on the type of bedding used. The extensive grounds at the polo club accommodate turnout all year round, with grazing rotated between winter and summer fields.

All liveries have use of the exercise track, the 2.4-acre all-weather SuperArena® and the warm up area. Clients are provided with secure yard space and hard-standing parking, and lorry and trailer parking are also available if and when needed.

What is Included in Each Pony Pony Livery Package?

In the Full Polo Pony Livery package staff at Dallas Burston Polo Club undertake all care of the horse, including exercising and training. All equipment for ponies within this package is stored securely within the main tack room of the barn.Plenty of facilities available for polo pony livery - line of polo ponies

Part Livery includes the feeding and watering of the horse, as well as the mucking out of the stable. Exercise and training are the responsibility of the owner.

The DIY package is the most affordable, with a stable provided for the horse but all care undertaken by its owner. In this arrangement shared storage and locked tack rooms are available.

American Barn

Not only is the American barn at the livery yard spacious and comfortable for the polo ponies, it is also a very convenient set up for owners and livery staff as everything is under one roof in the large timber building. The safety and security of the horses and their equipment is easily managed within this accommodation, while owners on Part Livery packages can easily acclimatise to the environment and work within it efficiently.

Why is Turnout Important?

Polo ponies turned out as part of the polo pony livery

Though in the wet and windy winter months horses may prefer the safety and comfort of their stables, during the majority of the year it is very important for them to be outdoors as much as possible. Not only is this crucial for their mental health, turnout is also beneficial for physical health in horses, and can reduce the risk of certain conditions and ailments.

The exercise provided by ample turnout boosts blood circulation within the equine, just as it does in us humans. It also encourages natural hoof growth and strength, which can be bypassed if left to stand in a stall for too long periods of time. Polo ponies, especially, need lots of exercise and training to compete Polo pony livery - 3 ponies looking at the camerawell in their sport and stay at the top of their game, just as the most successful polo players do.

Give Your Polo Pony the Care it Needs

To discuss the polo pony livery packages Dallas Burston Polo Club offers, and the individual needs of you and your horse, call 01926 811 111 or email