Choosing The Best Bouquet For You

Pussy willow wedding bouquet

Winter wedding bouquet with pussy willow

Deciding on the flowers for your wedding can be one of the highlights of the planning process, but getting it right can also be a stressful task. Not only having to make one decision, a wedding requires a variety of flower power – the bridesmaids, the tables, the buttonholes… and not least the bride’s wedding bouquet. With such an important decision on your hands we have compiled three of our top tips to help you choose the best wedding bouquets for you.

Bouquets for the season

When planning your flowers a consideration of the season in which you will need them is paramount. It may be summer now, but if your wedding is in the depths of winter you need to plan your bouquet accordingly. Not only will this give a more authentic look and feel to the day, it will also help you out in terms of budget as flowers are cheapest when they are in their prime season.

The vibrancy and life of the plants will also shine through when using them at the right time of year. For spring weddings consider cyclamens, daphnes and tulips; for summer weddings lavender,

Tulip wedding bouquet

Spring wedding bouquet with tulips

foxgloves and gladiolus; for autumnal weddings try dahlias, chrysanthemums and echinacea; and for those planning a winter wedding look at amaryllis, pussy willow and snowdrops.

Wedding bouquets colour schemes

With lots of elements coming together to create the overall look and feel of your special day, the flowers, too, need to

match (or artfully contrast) the use of colour elsewhere. The bridesmaids’ dresses, groom’s tie, interior and exterior decorations and favours are just a handful of the objects which will add colour to the celebration – make sure everything is in sync with everything else – including the bouquet – and you will be in store for a super stylish affair.

Sensory wedding bouquets

Sweet pea wedding bouquet

Sweet Peas for a sensory wedding bouquet

The look of the flowers in one thing (and very important too), but spare a thought

for the smell of your bouquet, as this sensory experience adds another dimension to your experience of walking down the aisle. Not only will a favourite or familiar scent make you happy, smile, or simply ease those pre-vow nerves, a beautifully smelling bouquet will stay in your memory even without you realising it, with a whiff of that fragrance in the future taking you right back to your wedding day and bringing back all of those joyful emotions. Sweet pea, peonies and garden roses are a few options which have lovely subtle fragrances to them. Caution: beware of strong-smelling varieties, and only choose one scent – no one want a cacophony of aromas confusing the bride as she walks down the aisle!

Special Note:  Be aware of any flowers which may have excessive amounts of pollen, which during your wedding day could stain your wedding dress!

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