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Whats Trending In 2018 For Weddings?

Are you trying to plan your once-in-a-lifetime wedding but finding yourself stuck in a rut of “I just don’t know what I want”? Here are three of this year’s biggest wedding trends sweeping the wedding sphere by storm, to give you some creative inspiration for your dream day. Whatever your pastimes, personalities or penchants, the three trends below can be adapted to any couple’s style, and will give your special day the wow factor it deserves.

Wedding Trend Number 1 – Interactive Food & Drink Stations

Wedding trends - Drink Stations

Wedding trends – Drink Stations

Gone are the days when a sit-down three-course meal (often consisting of, let’s face it, the common denominators in popular cuisine) and a glass of champagne (or orange juice for the designated drivers) were the only options for feeding and watering yourselves and your guests post-knot-tying. Many couples are opting for street food-style trucks stationed outside the reception venue, serving their favourite dishes – whether that be fish and chips, sushi rolls or vegan burgers – like at a festival or funfair.

Drinks, too, can be given a creative upgrade from the usual open bar. From punch stations to cocktail corners to pimp your prosecco stands, alcoholic (and non-) offerings which involve guests and allow them to make their drink their own are always a hit, especially with a millennial crowd. With relatively little work – think additions like fresh herbs, fresh fruit and perhaps a selection of funky (non-plastic) straws – you can transform the ordinary into something totally extra, with brownie points for an imaginative name for said stand.

Number 2 in our Wedding Trends – Non-Paper Invites

Wooden Peg Wedding Invites - Wedding trends

Wooden Peg Wedding Invites , The Latest Wedding Trend

Paper has always been the obvious, if not only, choice for wedding invitations, but this, my friends, is changing. Whether to make them longer lasting, reusable or simply to add an injection of personality, wedding invitations are now being sent in a whole host of materials and guises, with many more options to choose from than simply matte or gloss. Sturdy and versatile acrylic makes a big statement, and immediately gives off modern vibes. Engraved wood feels rustic and homely, and can be preserved by close family and friends for years to come to remember your big day. (If your fiancé’s a carpenter it’s a no brainer!) Or for the gardeners and nature enthusiasts consider using plantable paper to communicate the all important dates and details. Embedded with seeds, the biodegradable paper can be planted by your guests (post-wedding, of course) and with care and attention can grow into beautiful flowers, herbs or vegetables. How’s that for recyclable!

Mismatched Crockery and Glassware, makes wedding trend number 3

Vintage China Wedding trend

Vintage China Wedding trend

The vintage trend which has seemingly been around for years in restaurants and bars is going nowhere, and is now becoming more common at wedding receptions. Great for adding a quirky edge and nostalgic tinge to your event, using mismatched tableware can also help with the budget. Rather than renting a hefty number of high-cost items, if uniformity is not a requirement you are free to beg and borrow (but please don’t steal) from your nearest and dearest, and could quickly amass a unique range of items from which to serve your food and drinks. Those who donate or lend will also feel more involved in the celebration. And what better way to enjoy your slice of wedding cake than from Great Granny’s favourite side plate from 1923?

No matter which wedding trend you decide to take on for your wedding, be sure to contact the Dallas Burston Polo Club who can accommodate all tastes! Tel: 01926 811 111