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For many brides-to-be, finding the perfect wedding dress is high on the priority list and imperative to the fairy-tale dream. And rightly so. How you look and feel on your special day will have a big impact on your overall experience, not to mention the hundreds of photos you will be gazing at for years to come. Here are three key factors to consider when on the hunt for your perfect number.

Timing is everything when buying your wedding dress

With the ring on your finger it can be hard to delay hitting the shops and seeking out your dream dress. But don’t rush in too soon. Knowing the date and location of your big day are paramount before stepping foot in any bridal boutique. The season and weather are key factors to consider when choosing your dress style, and the feel of the venue can impact the kind of dress you want to wear. But this doesn’t mean you should leave it too late either. Start shopping eight to nine months before the big day to allow time for all of the processes. This may sound early, but most wedding dresses are made to order – often overseas – and can take up to 20 weeks to arrive from the order date. You will then need to have a handful of fitting appointments to get everything just right. So once you know when and where the wedding will be; go, go, go and hit the shops!

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Which wedding dress to choose?

Wedding dress budgets

If in the midst of planning your wedding, you are probably sick of this word by now. We hate to break it to you, but you’ve got to keep it in mind even when you’re trying out those jaw-droppingly gorgeous gowns. And don’t forget that you need to budget for accessories and underwear too. Don’t enter any boutique without a figure in mind, and don’t be scared to ask if there is any leeway in price if you’ve found the one but it is slightly over budget. Bridal boutiques may be able to give discounts or throw in some accessories for free to secure the sale. Nothing is a given, but if it’s just above your top range there’s no harm in asking – you never know how they might be willing to help.

Which style for your wedding dress

Stunning Asian wedding dress

Stunning Asian wedding dress

Whether you’ve had a style of dress in mind since the age of five, or are adamant that ‘nothing ever suits you’, shop with an open mind and you may just surprise yourself. The fishtail gown you’ve always dreamed of might do nothing for your figure, but equally the previously-pooh-poohed sweetheart neckline might accentuate your best assets to a whole new level. Whatever your pre-conceived ideas, be open minded to a variety of styles, especially at the beginning of your shopping trip, and judge each dress by how it looks and feels in real life, not by how you thought it would be. Be open to suggestions from the bridal advisor too – they have years of experience and have helped hundreds of women before you – get as much help and advice from them as possible (that will never dent the budget!).

But most of all: enjoy it. This is the one time in your life that all eyes are on you – choose your dress and get ready to wow!

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