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Offsite Meeting – Our Top Tips For Success

Three Top Tips for a Successful Offsite Meeting Let’s face it, the office – where we spend the majority of our waking weekday hours – is often not the most inspiring of locations for a totally kick-ass meeting.   It’s everyday, it’s business wear, it’s tiresome office politics.  Which is the very reason why more and […]

We Have It All Wrapped Up – Polo Wraps

Polo wraps Seeing polo ponies turned out ready for action is a sight to be seen, polo wraps on the ponies legs matching team colors, however, this is not just for appearance. Polo wraps are essential to protect the polo pony from being knocked by the ball, mallet and  more importantly damage from other ponies […]

Dressage at Dallas Burston Polo Club

Dressage Events At Dallas Burston Polo Club Its not just about the Polo at Dallas Burston, we are also a favorite venue for dressage competitions, along with other unrelated equestrian events.  However for this blog post lets concentrate on the stunning equestrian discipline of dressage. What is Dressage? Dressage meaning training in french is a […]

Ace Your Launch Party!

Top Tips to Ace Your Launch Party From brand new products to re-designed websites, a launch party is a vital part of many companies’ marketing plan. But don’t fall into the trap of organising a costly event which reaps little or no reward for your business. Increasing sales and usage, growing brand awareness, networking with […]

Go-To Guide For Your First Asian Wedding

Your First Asian Wedding Opening the post to find an invitation to a friend or family member’s wedding always brings a little excitement to your morning routine (or at the very least a welcome change to the endless bills and unwanted catalogues). It brings a date for your diary; something to look forward to; something […]

Polo Terms What You Need To Know

Polo Terms Explained You have decided to attend a Polo Match, or better still decided to give Polo a try, but before you rush off here are some Polo terms that will come in useful. Back: This is team member number four. Bowl-in: When the umpire resumes play by rolling the ball down the centre […]

Finding The Perfect Polo Pony

Finding the perfect polo pony Having the right polo pony is crucial to your game. The pony needs to be agile, athletic with the ability to twist and turn to enable you to be a good player.  The importance of how well a player gets on with a certain pony and how well a pony […]