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Asian Wedding Dresses

A Brief Look At Asian Wedding Dresses Often when we think about a wedding we instantly picture the bride in a floor length white gown. But the ‘traditional’ white wedding dress is very much a western tradition, with people from other parts of the world, and from other cultures within the western world, wearing anything […]

Picnics for events – Our Tips

Picnics for events this summer With the British weather reaching sweltering heights this summer there are even more excuses to get your family out and enjoy an outdoor event with a picnic and some well-needed fun in the sun. And what better way to experience the great outdoors than to pack a picnic and munch […]

Polo In The Park 2018 With 102 Touch FM

Polo in the Park 2018 On Sunday 2nd September 2018 Dallas Burston Polo Club will host its seventh annual Polo in the Park event, a day of fun and games for all the family. Inaugurated in 2012, the all-ages event has been growing year-on-year, now drawing in crowds of over 3,000 visitors. And this year […]

Wedding Cakes: Traditional or Alternative?

Which Wedding Cake will you go for? With the average price of  wedding cakes falling in the £300-£500 mark, this deliciously decadent addition to your special day needs some serious thought and consideration. And with three-tier-white-icing-topped-fruit-cake now not the expected or indeed the norm, there is more choice than ever, catering to every kind of […]

Wedding Bouquet – Which Flowers To Go For?

Choosing The Best Bouquet For You Deciding on the flowers for your wedding can be one of the highlights of the planning process, but getting it right can also be a stressful task. Not only having to make one decision, a wedding requires a variety of flower power – the bridesmaids, the tables, the buttonholes… […]

Legends That Love Horses

Music Legends with a Love for Horses Many of us since childhood have pined after a horse of our own. An animal to love, to ride, to explore with and get to know. But many of us are not lucky enough to have this longing translate into reality. But this does not stop us dreaming. […]

Horseflies – Its that time of year!

With summer comes the horseflies As much as we love to see the sun out, and our horses grazing in the fields there is always that awful sight of horseflies pestering your equine pal.  What are horse flies, and whats out there to stop them? Horseflies Also written as Horse-flies and in some instances referred to […]

Chief Bridesmaid – The Main Duties

Have you been chosen as a Chief Bridesmaid? The honour of chief bridesmaid, or maid-of-honour, is not bestowed lightly, and is a task that requires patience, organisation and a lotta, lotta love. But it’s also loadsa, loadsa fun. The parties… the planning… the prosecco… Taking on the role of chief bridesmaid can feel a daunting […]

Royal Wedding Planner & Tips

The Royal Wedding Planner and Tips To Make Your Day Stress Free. We are literally days away from Prince Harry marrying Megan Markle are you ready for the big day?  Here are a few pointers for planning your royal wedding day, along with some interesting facts. Who will be watching the Royal Wedding? Its not […]