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Your Guide to Polo, Ready For 2020 Play

Everyone Should Enjoy Polo, But Before You Watch Your First Game – Here Is A Guide! With the start of a new year, and indeed a new decade, there is no better time to pick up a new sport, hobby or interest. Ever been curious to watch or play a match of polo, but fear […]

Winter Weddings At Dallas Burston Polo Club

Magical Winter Weddings There’s no denying that the month of winter revolves around one big occasion. (Merry Christmas, by the way!) But Christmas isn’t all that winter is about. While summer is the favourite season to tie the knot, many couples choose to make their vows in winter weddings, and there’s certainly a lot of […]

Mud Fever – What, Why & How!

Mud Fever What is it? How is it caused? How can you treat it, and prevent it from happening in the future? Here’s the low down. What is Mud Fever? Also known as Pastern Dermatitis, Scratches, Greasy Heel and Cracked Heel, Mud Fever is a skin infection affecting horses, ponies and donkeys. Commonly associated with […]

Christmas Menu 2019 at The Millstone Hare…. The Waiting Is Over!!!!

Christmas Menu 2019 at The Millstone Hare December is here. The advent calendars have been started. The countdown is officially on. While presents may not be opened until Christmas Day itself, there is thankfully no societal guideline that disallows consumption of traditional Christmas fare in the weeks preceding the twenty-fifth. If anything, the more Christmas-related […]

Winter Horse Care Tips

Winter Horse Care Tips As the days grow colder and the nights ever longer, your horse/s will require extra care here are some of our winter horse care tips.  From food and water to shelter from the elements, a few small changes can make the world of difference to your four-legged friend. Ensure you’re ready […]

Banner Advertising – We Have The Crowds If You Have The Signage!

Banner Advertising at our SuperArena® Whether you’re a local restaurant, a national health food store, or an international sportswear brand – or any other business for that matter banner advertising is a great way to advertise your business! As a business, we are sure that you are always looking for ways to increase brand awareness, […]