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Equine Flu – Important Information For Horse Owners

Equine Flu: The Lowdown British horse racing saw a six-day shutdown following the recent breakout of equine flu, identified last Thursday in three horses at the yard of Grand National-winning trainer Donald McCain in Cheshire. Following twenty three lost meetings over the near-week-long period, racing has confirmed to be recommenced on Wednesday 13th February. But […]

Spring Weddings

Spring- The Perfect Time To Have A Wedding Spring is seen as a time of renewal; a period of growth, light, happiness.  The days get longer and brighter, and the great outdoors becomes warmer and more appealing. Our thick woolly jumpers are traded in once more for lightweight alternatives, and pastels and paisley prints make […]

Year Of The Vegan 2019

Will 2019 be the Year of the Vegan? With 2018 dubbed ‘the year that veganism went mainstream’ by the Evening Standard, 2019 is set to be ‘the year of the vegan’, if The Guardian and The Economist are anything to go by. According to The Vegan Society, in 2018 there were 600,000 vegans in Great […]

Seasonal Eating

Eat with the Seasons We all have that niggling thought that we should be aware of – and eating – what’s ‘in season’, but why is this? And what should we be eating right now? From health and the environment to community and commerce, there are many reasons why eating in line with the seasons […]

New Year, New Sport – Polo

Try Something Different In The New Year…… Polo As Christmas and the New Year and everything that comes with them fade away into a twinkly, wine-infused haze, the stark and sober month of January comes painfully into focus. First on most people’s lists is sorting out that gym membership, an unloved task which brings with […]

New Year’s Resolutions – Make This Year’s Count!

Where Did New Year’s Resolutions Come From? The tradition of making pledges before the start of a New Year is very common in the Western Hemisphere, and also seen, if a little less prevalent, in the Eastern Hemisphere. Said to have begun in Babylonia, Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), Babylonians are thought to have started this practice […]

Boxing Day Ideas

Planning Boxing Day With Christmas Day being such a big occasion in many British households, you can be forgiven for getting through much of December without a second thought for the day that follows. With presents to buy, hide and wrap and turkeys to stuff, roast and carve, one can get to Boxing Day with […]

Spotlight On Award Winning Sanjay Foods

Award Winning Sanjay Foods With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Sanjay Foods is a catering and event management specialist based in Leicester, East Midlands, with catering rights at over 160 prestigious venues nationwide. Catering to Punjabi, Gujarati, Muslim, Bengali and European markets, Sanjay Foods plan, design and deliver spectacular and unforgettable weddings, corporate […]

Warm Christmas Tipples

Toasty Tipples to Keep you Warm this Christmas As December opens its doors to the fairy light- and tinsel-adorned Christmas run-up, so too do our hearts to the comforting warmth of hot Christmas tipples. With the nights drawing in and the temperatures dipping ever-lower it is well and truly time to get out our favourite […]