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Spotlight On Award Winning Sanjay Foods

Award Winning Sanjay Foods With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Sanjay Foods is a catering and event management specialist based in Leicester, East Midlands, with catering rights at over 160 prestigious venues nationwide. Catering to Punjabi, Gujarati, Muslim, Bengali and European markets, Sanjay Foods plan, design and deliver spectacular and unforgettable weddings, corporate […]

Warm Christmas Tipples

Toasty Tipples to Keep you Warm this Christmas As December opens its doors to the fairy light- and tinsel-adorned Christmas run-up, so too do our hearts to the comforting warmth of hot Christmas tipples. With the nights drawing in and the temperatures dipping ever-lower it is well and truly time to get out our favourite […]

Polo Players During Winter

Do Polo Players Have the Winter Off? While there’s no denying that polo is an extremely physically-demanding sport, the action is very much confined, in the UK at least, to the summer months. So we are safe to assume that those who are talented and committed enough to play professionally have a nice and cushy […]

Christmas Day Menu

Beginning to Consider Your Christmas Day Menu? As November draws to a rather wintry close and December proudly opens it’s doors there’s no escaping the onslaught of Christmas planning prompts. The magazine covers, displaying fantastical ‘showstopper’ spreads; the department store windows, exhibiting this year’s most ‘in’ decorations; your rather troublesome neighbours, racking up an extortionate […]

Pining For Spring

Are You Already Pining for Spring? There are, largely, two types of people in this world. The ones that go Christmas crazy at the hint of cooler climes; and those that would give their right arm to get through the winter season bypassing each and every festive event. While the former are no doubt thrilled […]

Christmas Party like The Great Gatsby

Party like The Great Gatsby Set in New York City in the Roaring Twenties, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby gives us a fabulous insight into the decadent and extravagant party scene during post-war, Prohibition era America. During this period business was booming and the nation was strong; and everyone wanted a jolly good party. […]

Gin Is In!

When did Gin become so ‘In’? With more and more gin bars, distilleries and connoisseurs popping up across the country (and beyond), with no signs of slowing, it’s clear to see that gin appreciation – or could we go so far as to say obsession? – is well and truly here, and perhaps here to […]

Winter Wedding Wardrobe – What To Wear!

Fine-tune Your Winter Wedding Wardrobe Outfit etiquette for summer weddings is very much ingrained in our psyches; often no shopping trip is needed when planning the ensemble for your next sun-drenched wedding. Pastel shades? High levels of floral? Floaty hem? Sorted. The most popular season for weddings to be held, summer nuptials also afford us […]

Its Count Down To… The Staff Christmas Party

The Staff Christmas Party   Love it or hate it, the Staff Christmas Party is an unavoidable occasion found on nearly all company calendars. We might not be quite at the Michael-Bublé-on-the-supermarket-soundtrack season yet, but, let us tell you: we are not far off it. Whether that fills you with festive glee or unfathomable dread, […]

Remember The Fifth Of November

What Should We Remember on the Fifth of November? Remember, remember, the fifth of November… Gunpowder, treason and plot. But other than the name ‘Guy Fawkes’, and perhaps the location of the Houses of Parliament, what is it that we are supposed to be remembering on Bonfire Night, again? (Apart from where the next mulled […]